Acrylite Acrylic Sheet comes in many varieties, colors, sizes and thicknesses. Click on the headings below to learn more about which type is right for you.

Acrylite FF Extruded Acrylic

Acrylite extruded sheet products are economical, provide tight thickness tolerance, high optical characteristics and low stress levels. This material is lightweight, rigid, weather-resistant, has 10 times the impact resistance of glass, is easily fabricated and bonded/glued.

Acrylite GP Cast Acrylic

Offers excellent optical characteristics, light stability and low internal stress levels for consistent performance. Acrylite GP cast acrylic is a lightweight, rigid thermoplastic material that has 10 times the impact resistance of standard glass and is highly resistant to weather conditions. It can be easily saw cut, machined, thermoformed and bonded/glued. It is also ultraviolet light absorbing up to approximately 360 nanometers.

Acrylite Framing Grade Acrylics

The premier framing grade acrylic comes in many types that offer great benefits including non-glare and UV-filtering finishes. Exceptional general purpose glazing for valuable artwork, photographs, prints and cherished memorabilia. 

Acrylite Hi-Gloss Acrylic

This material is a co-extruded sheet with a super thin layer of color or pattern topped with crystal clear premium acrylic. The layered nature of Acrylite Hi-Gloss provides a high-end gloss lock at a fraction of the cost of similar solutions such as back painted glass. It can withstand almost any fabrication process making it easy to use for a variety of applications such as architectural interiors, wall partitions, furniture and retail displays.

Acrylite LED Acrylic

Used in the light fixture and signage industries, this family of acrylics offers several innovative lighting possibilities. Various types of LED acrylics have amazing attributes and can be made to change color, glow when lit from their edges, resist impacts and provide beautiful frosted surfaces.

Acrylite Reflections (Mirrored) Acrylic

The Acrylite Reflections collection is the highest quality acrylic mirror available. With a bright reflective finish and tough protective backing, Acrylite Reflections meets or exceeds the quality, durability and performance of any acrylic mirror on the market today. Light weight, shatter resistant and easy to fabricate, this is a glass-quality mirror with all the advantages of acrylic. Acrylite Reflections is also available with an abrasion resistant coating. 

Acrylite Satinice  Acrylic

The subtle surfaces and impressive array of colors open the door for inspiration with sumptuous textures that will enhance any environment with beauty as well as durability. This material is resistant to traces of wear and finger marks and is technologically developed to have the perfect balance between transmission and diffusion. Acrylite Satinice is designed to enhance virtually any environment with light and brilliance.​​​​​