Acrylite LED acrylics are an innovative sheet material line commonly used in the light fixture and signage industries.

Acrylite LED Color-Changing Back Lit: this material appears dark during the day and with added backlighting, glows white at night. This unique attribute makes it a sought after material for illuminated signs, store fixtures and exhibition booths. The combination of LED’s with Acrylite LED Color Changing Back Lit offers maximum efficiency and superior lighting technology.

​​Acrylite LED Endlighten: is the perfect solution for edge-lit applications. Light is fed in via the edge of this highly transparent material and evenly emitted across the surface. Acrylite LED Endlighten is the ideal material for evenly illuminating a transparent surface with LED’s. The surface glows in the same color as the chosen LED.

Acrylite LED Resist SG: is specially formulated to provide superior impact strength, outstanding weather resistance and consistent performance even under the harshest conditions. Whether producing channel letters, formed letters or shapes to back painted signs, Acrylite LED Resist SG translates into reduced risk of breakage during production, shipping, installation and potential environmental factors.

Acrylite LED SignFlex: diffused sign grade is specially formulated for LED sign faces. It possesses a frosted appearance and unique optical properties that evenly diffuse light and high LED hot spots without the use of diffuser film. The frosted surface also works to hide fingerprints and scratches to prolong service life.