With half the weight and ten times the impact resistance, mirrored acrylic is a great alternative to glass mirror.

The Acrylite Reflections collection is the highest quality acrylic mirror available. With a bright reflective finish and tough protective backing, Acrylite Reflections meets or exceeds the quality, durability and performance of any acrylic mirror on the market today. Light weight, shatter resistant and easy to fabricate, this is a glass-quality mirror with all the advantages of acrylic. Acrylite Reflections is also available with an abrasion resistant coating. ​​

Acrylite Reflections Mirror: ​bright reflective finish.

Acrylite Reflections Frosted Mirror: soft metallic finish.  

Acrylite Reflections Smooth Frosted Mirror: subtle reflection that resists fingerprints for low maintenance cleaning.

Acrylite Reflections Iridescent: shimmers with iridescent colors that change with the viewing perspective.