We use custom plastic CNC machining techniques to create plastic parts, products and prototypes with repeatable results and tight tolerances.

Bring us your concept art, CAD file or drawings and we will help you select the proper material and machining methods for your project.  Custom plastic CNC machining will give you a competitive advantage due to the accurate repeat-ability of these automated routing machines, tight tolerances and rapid production speed.


Once we finalize a design for your part(s), our CNC machines can make them over and over again with much better precision than a handmade part.  Complex computers control the router heads of the CNC machines which minimizes chances for error or fluctuation.

Tight Tolerances:

Many of the custom plastic parts made by Architectural Plastics require exacting dimensional precision.  Because they are computer controlled, our CNC machines can make parts with a tolerance of up to +/- 0.001″

Rapid Production:

In addition to quickly cutting plastic parts, our CNC machines can further speed up production by using multiple router heads.  This means that instead of making one part at a time, we make two–cutting your production time in half.