In need of a bold accent to Google’s presentation, exhibit designer Island Creative contracted Architectural Plastics to create an unforgettable display.

The theme of the event was centered on test tubes of various sizes holding colored chemicals.  Island Creative had just four days before the presentation and needed six giant test tubes that could change color on demand.  Having worked with Architectural Plastics for over twenty years, Island Creative trusted them to design and produce products quickly and on time.

The bodies of the test tubes were made with 12″ diameter cast acrylic cylinders. Rings of acrylic were then cut and glued in place at the top ends of the cylinders.  Acrylic hemispheres were then bonded to the bottom ends of the cylinders to create the bottoms of the test tubes. 

To simulate the appearance of chemicals in the test tubes, the sides were sanded to different elevations which created frosted surfaces.  Color changing RGB LED’s placed at the tubes bottoms then illuminated these frosted surfaces.  The resulting effect made it appear that the tubes were indeed full of colored liquid which changed throughout the presentation to match the speaker’s slides.​