When a distinguished wine collector sought a contemporary wine cellar for his residential cellar, his architects at Butler Armsden turned to Architectural Plastics to create a completely new type of wine cellar.

Most people envision wine cellars as dimly lit underground rooms filled with dark wooden wine racks. Dissatisfied with the limited options available for the cellar, Butler Armsden contacted Architectural Plastics to design and build a contemporary structure to exhibit the owner’s wine collection. The concept was to create a wine storage solution that was light, airy and open.  Transparent Acrylite acrylic was chosen due to its excellent optical clarity, structural stability, longevity and impact resistance–which is ten times that of glass.

This project ignited a spark of curiosity in our designers that became a mission to change the way people think about wine storage. After finishing this initial cellar, Architectural Plastics has gone on to create several new wine cellars throughout the world. Acrylic wine racks have now become the leading design force in an evolving wine industry.

The room was made to resemble a bank vault. Its walls, door and counter tops were all made from stainless steel. Contained within this “wine vault” are 9,000 pounds of acrylic wine racks and cabinets made by Architectural Plastics. Thirty-six inch high acrylic cabinets circle the bottom of the room. Rested upon the cabinets are several types and sizes of acrylic wine racks. Three wine “bridges” span the top of the room, increasing the storage capacity of the cellar to a total of 2,800 bottles.