Luma is a wine exhibit that allows you to truly see your wine collection without the visual impairments of metal or wood. This contemporary wine rack was originally created for wine cellars housing the large collections of international wine connoisseurs, luxury hotels and high-end restaurants. Luma brings exclusive design out from the wine cellar into new spaces.


The flawless acrylic comprising Luma is the same premium material used for high quality acrylic furniture and museum display cases. Precision CNC machining and artisan craftsmanship come together creating diamond-like sculptures that show your wine. Store your wine like fine art displayed in a museum; allow your collection to be seen.

Contemporary Design. Luma is a beautiful yet minimalist approach to wine storage.​

Unique. Opaque and commonplace materials like wood and steel are no longer the only options for you needs.

Illuminate. Turn your Luma into a diamond-like, glowing sculpture with an amazingly bright and efficient LED panel.*

Fits and Decor. Luma is completely clear; it blends seamlessly with any color or texture.

High Storage Capacity. Luma is one of the most efficient storage solutions available.

Customize it! View some of our custom cellars for inspiration by clicking here: CUSTOM CELLARS

*LED panel optional​​​​​


Luma 90. ​Stores 90 Bordeaux 750ml bottles

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