Concept Analysis: many clients come to us with an idea, sketch, design drawings or concept art.  Working from this starting point, our staff helps by selecting the proper materials and suggesting possible design alterations to best achieve the client’s goals in both form and function.

AutoCAD & SolidWorks: as the manufacturing sector gets more advanced, so do the tools it uses.  Our designers are proficient in both AutoCAD and SolidWorks design software.  Whether or not our clients are familiar with these programs, we use them to their benefit by creating precise scale drawings, making quick design changes and even creating photo-realistic concept art so they can see what their product will look like.

Rapid Prototyping: several of the projects we take on involve creating something that has never been made before.  Our salespeople, designers and fabricators work collaboratively to quickly solve design challenges and expediently create prototypes.  Once a prototype is made and approved, they will continue to find more efficient ways to create production units.​


Cut-to-Size Panels: we can supply you with various types of plastic sheets and can also cut them to any size you wish.

Large Scale Production: using state-of-the-art automated machines and techniques, we can make hundreds or even thousands of parts, product displays, medical devices, retail items and more.  We will also help you with shipping logistics and warehousing should your project require it.

CNC Machining: these computer controlled routing machines offer precision, repeat-ability and efficiency.  Our multi-head machines can cut several parts at once and our largest machine can cut oversized parts up to 9′ x 12′ in size.

Flawless Gluing/Bonding: using a proprietary glue formula created by our founder, we are able to glue acrylic cases, parts, displays, wine racks and more with beautifully clear seams.

Thermoforming: if you need curved or formed pieces we can create custom molds and form parts up to a certain size.